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Control of Electrochemical Corrosion Properties by Influencing Mn Partitioning through Intercritically Annealing of Medium-Mn Steel

  title={Control of Electrochemical Corrosion Properties by Influencing Mn Partitioning through Intercritically Annealing of Medium-Mn Steel},
  author={Ren'e Daniel Putz and Tarek Allam and Junmiao Wang and Jakub Nowak and Christian Haase and Stefanie Sandlobes-Haut and Ulrich Krupp and Daniela Zander},
Medium-Mn steels exhibit excellent mechanical properties and lower production costs compared to high-Mn steels, which makes them a potential material for future application in the automotive industry. Intercritical annealing (ICA) after cold rolling allows to control the stacking fault energy (SFE) of austenite, the fraction of ferrite and reverted austenite, and the element partitioning (especially Mn). Although Mn deteriorates the corrosion behavior of Fe-Mn-Al alloys, the influence of… 


Influence of Intercritical Annealing Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Cold-Rolled Medium-Mn Steel
Medium-Mn steels are characterized by ultrafine-grained (UFG) duplex microstructure consisting of ferrite and a large amount of retained austenite. Intercritical annealing is of great importance to
Effect of Ferrite on Corrosion of Fe-Mn-Al Alloys in Sodium Chloride Solution
Abstract The corrosion behaviors of five Fe-Mn-Al (Femnal) alloys with ferrite contents varying from 0.5% to 98% were studied in 3.5% sodium chloride (NaCl) at room temperature. Potentiodynamic
Comparison of Medium Manganese Steel and Q345 Steel on Corrosion Behavior in a 3.5 wt % NaCl Solution
Results showed that the medium-Mn steel did not exhibit higher corrosion resistance than Q345 steel due to the greater content of Mn-rich compounds in the rust layer, and the effect of a small amount of anti-corrosion elements in medium-manganese steel can regulate the corrosion rate.
Development of a Cr-Ni-V-N Medium Manganese Steel with Balanced Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
A novel medium manganese (MMn) steel with additions of Cr (18%), Ni (5%), V (1%), and N (0.3%) was developed in order to provide an enhanced corrosion resistance along with a superior
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