Control of Electric Vehicle Using Digital Signal Controller

  • Ashraf Salah El Din, Zein El Din, Adel Shebl Abdel Ghafar, Zeyad Mohamed Mohamed Rezk
  • Published 2013


Electric vehicles are the cars of the future as they are high efficient, produces no local pollution, are silent, and can be used for power regulation by the grid operator. The model of an electric vehicle is very complex as it contains many different components, e.g. transmission, electric machine, power electronics and battery. Each component needs to be modeled properly in order to prevent wrong conclusions. Therefore, the controller should be designed to make the system robust and adaptive, improving the system on both dynamic and steady state performances. The prime objective of this research was to develop a prototype controller which can replace the original one mounted on Medical Appliances and Packages Company (MAPC's) wheelchair. Thus, a control unit is designed and interfaced to the motor chair in order to control the speed and direction of electric vehicle. The performance of electric vehicle has been studied analytically and experimentally. The comparison between the analytical results and the experiential results are comparable. The performance of the proposed control unit is highly effective and low cost price which may be used in a wide range in industry.

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