Control System of the SPring-8 Storage Ring

  title={Control System of the SPring-8 Storage Ring},
  author={Ryo Tanaka and Shigeru Fujiwara and T. Fukui and Takashi Masuda and Atsushi Taketani and Akihoro Yamashita and Tomohisa Wada and Wenli Xu},
The SPring-8 storage ring is under construction and will be commissioned in February 1997. The design for the control system of the storage ring adopted the so-called Standard Model concept. VMEbus is used as the front-end control system and is widely distributed around the 1436m circumference of the storage ring. The VMEbus is controlled by a single-board-computer with a RISC processor. The VME crate is connected to the FDDI backbone network through an FDDI-Ethernet switching hub. The CPU… CONTINUE READING

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