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Control Software for the VERITAS Cherenkov Telescope System

  title={Control Software for the VERITAS Cherenkov Telescope System},
  author={Henric Krawczynski and M. A. Olevitch and Glenn H. Sembroski and Kenneth Gerard Gibbs},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
The VERITAS collaboration is developing a system of initially 4 and eventually 7 Cherenkov Telescopes of the 12 m diameter class for high sensitivity gamma-ray astronomy in the >50 GeV energy range. In this contribution we describe the software that controls and monitors the various VERITAS sub-systems. The software uses an object-oriented approach to cope with the complexities that arise from using sub-groups of the 7 VERITAS telescopes to observe several sources at the same time. Inter… 
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