Control–Trust Dynamics in Organizations: Identifying Shared Perspectives and Charting Conceptual Fault Lines

  title={Control–Trust Dynamics in Organizations: Identifying Shared Perspectives and Charting Conceptual Fault Lines},
  author={Chris P. Long and Sim B. Sitkin},
  journal={Academy of Management Annals},
Our review of control–trust research reveals that although scholars have advanced our understanding of these dynamics in significant ways, many important questions remain to be answered about these... 
Impact of Regulatory Focus on Uncertainty in Megaprojects: Mediating Role of Trust and Control
AbstractThe behavior preference and decision matching of participants have an important influence on the governance of megaproject uncertainty. However, the framework and drivers largely are unknow...
The Proximity Paradox: How Distributed Work Affects Relationships and Control
It is suggested that a need for additional context drives managers to cultivate deeper relationships with their staff, creating an unexpected outcome: working at a distance means managers feel closer to their staff.
Beyond the Crisis: Trust repair in an interorganizational network
This article extends understanding of trust repair by explaining in more detail the dynamics of trust at the network level. Building on organizational-level trust repair research, the article
Dissolving the paradox: toward a Yin–Yang perspective on the power and trust antagonism in collaborative business relationships
  • S. Horak, C. Long
  • Business
    Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
  • 2018
PurposeBy challenging the typical antagonistic view of the informal institutions power and trust, this paper aims to explore the interrelatedness of the two through the Yin–Yang
Blockchain Technology, Inter-Organizational Relationships and Management Accounting: A Synthesis and Research Agenda
From their origins in cryptocurrencies, blockchains are increasingly emerging as an important organizational phenomenon, especially for collaboration across firm boundaries. Over the past several
Transparency and Control in Email Communication: The More the Supervisor is Put in cc the Less Trust is Felt
The issue of trust has increasingly attracted attention in the business ethics literature. Our aim is to contribute further to this literature by examining how the use of the carbon copy (cc)
Between trust and control in R&D alliances
Trust and control through contracting have been juxtaposed in many studies addressing interorganizational collaboration and knowledge exchange. In this study, the authors move from the opposite ends
New Controls and the Development of Trust.
: Research suggests that cooperation-inducing controls provide an indirect benefit in the form of increased inter-employee trust. We examine whether this effect differs with employees’ varying