Contributions to the Wood Anatomy of the Rubioideae (Rubiaceae)

  title={Contributions to the Wood Anatomy of the Rubioideae (Rubiaceae)},
  author={Steven Jansen and Frederic Lens and Salvator Ntore and Frederic Piesschaert and Elmar Robbrecht and Erik Smets},
  journal={Journal of Plant Research},
Damnacanthus, Lasianthus, Saldinia, and Trichostachys are also included. Wood anatomical characters are compared with recent phylogenetic insights into the study group on the basis of molecular data. The observations demonstrate that the delimitation and separation of several taxa from the former Coussareeae/Morindeae/Prismatomerideae/Psychotrieae aggregate is supported by wood anatomical data. The Coussareeae can be distinguished from the other Rubioideae by their scanty parenchyma, septate… CONTINUE READING

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