Contributions to Psychohistory: XIX. Kamikaze Pilots: The Japanese versus the American Perspective

  title={Contributions to Psychohistory: XIX. Kamikaze Pilots: The Japanese versus the American Perspective},
  author={David J. Krus and Yoshiaki Ishigaki},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
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Semantic differential ratings of Kamikaze pilots by 90 Japanese and 37 American subjects are contrasted. The observed differences are interpreted within the context of Hasegawa's phenomenological analysis of contemporary Japanese society. 
A glorious warrior in war: Cross-cultural evidence of honor culture, social rewards for warriors, and intergroup conflict
  • Kengo Nawata
  • Psychology
    Group Processes & Intergroup Relations
  • 2019
Previous research has shown that honor culture and honor ideology enhance interpersonal and intergroup aggressiveness at the individual level. This study aimed to examine collective-level
Is there a role for psychiatry in deepening our understanding of the “suicide bomber”?
  • D. Marazziti
  • Psychology
    International journal of psychiatry in clinical practice
  • 2007
It is therefore important that Psychiatry be sufficiently flexible to take into account constant inputs deriving from a rapidly changing world, which can affect or even create hitherto unknown disorders.
The Role of Social Rewards for Warriors in Intergroup Conflict: Reputation, Status, and Prestige
  • 2020


A postwar view of the Greater East Asia war
  • 1984