Contributions to Psychohistory: IV. Individual Experience in Historiography and Psychoanalysis: Significance of Erik Erikson and Robert Coles

  title={Contributions to Psychohistory: IV. Individual Experience in Historiography and Psychoanalysis: Significance of Erik Erikson and Robert Coles},
  author={R. L. Schnell},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
  pages={591 - 612}
  • R. L. Schnell
  • Published 1 April 1980
  • Psychology
  • Psychological Reports
History is the cultural science most open to penetration by the social sciences whose system-builders are attracted by the totality of human experience offered. Although it does not fit the natural science paradigm popular among the social sciences, history does have an affinity for psychoanalysis which in a clinical setting attempts to understand a particular human life in its uniqueness and complexity. An examination of two socially oriented psychoanalysts, Erik Erikson and Robert Giles… 
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