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Contributions of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) to the 6th International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (Gamma 2016)

  title={Contributions of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) to the 6th International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (Gamma 2016)},
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Katz and Norita Kawanaka and Laurie Kaye and Demosthenes Kazanas and Nathan C. Kelley-Hoskins and Joern Kersten and Bruno Kh'elifi and David B. Kieda and Th. Kihm and Stefan Kimeswenger and Shota Kisaka and So Kishida and R. Kissmann and Stefan Klepser and Wlodek Kluźniak and Jh Knapen and Johannes Knapp and Jurgen Knodlseder and Benjamin Koch and Fabian Kock and Joanna Kocot and Kazunori Kohri and K. Kokkotas and D. Kolitzus and Nu. Komin and Ioannis Kominis and A. Kong and Yasusi Konno and Karl Kosack and G. Koss and Max Kossatz and Grzegorz Kowal and Shoko Koyama and Jaime Koziol and M. Kraus and Johannes Krause and Marita Krause and H. Krawzcynski and Frank Krennrich and Axel Kretzschmann and Peter Kruger and Hisahiko Kubo and V. Kudryavtsev and Ga{\vs}per Kukec Mezek and Matthew M Kuklis and Hirotoshi Kuroda and Junko Kushida and A. La Barbera and Nicola La Palombara and Valentina La Parola and Giovanni La Rosa and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Laffon and Robert Lahmann and Ma{\vs}a Laki{\'c}evi{\'c} and Konrad Lalik and G. Lamanna and Dani{\`e}le Landriu and Hermine Landt and R. G. Lang and Jonathan S. Lapington and Pierre Laporte and J. P. Le F{\`e}vre and T. Le Flour and Pierre Le Sidaner and Sh Lee and Won Hee Lee and J. P. Lees and Julien Lefaucheur and Kai Leffhalm and Harold Leich and Marcelo Augusto Leigui de Oliveira and Damir Lelas and Arnaud Lemi{\`e}re and Marianne Lemoine-Goumard and J.-P. Lenain and R Leonard and Roberto Leoni and Luigi Lessio and Giuseppe Leto and Agostino Leveque and B. Lieunard and Michele Limon and R. Lindemann and Elina Lindfors and L. Linhoff and Angelos Liolios and Anna Lipniacka and H. Lockart and Thomas Lohse and Edyta Lokas and Sara Lombardi and Francesco Longo and A. Lopatin and M. Lopez and D. Loreggia and Thierry Louge and Funar Louis and Mireille Louys and Francesca Lucarelli and D. Lucchesi and H. Ludecke and Torelli Luigi and Pedro L. Luque-Escamilla and Etienne Lyard and Maria Concetta Maccarone and T. J. Maccarone and Emil Mach and Greg M. Madejski and Alessandro Madonna and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Magniette and Anne-Claire Magniez and M. Mahabir and Gert Maier and Poulomi Majumdar and M. Makariev and Giuseppe Malaguti and G. Malaspina and Ann Kathrin Mallot and Alexandra Malouf and Stavros Maltezos and Denys Malyshev and Alexis Mancilla and Du{\vs}an Mand{\'a}t and Gergana Maneva and Marina Manganaro and Silvana Mangano and Pascal Manigot and N. Mankushiyil and Karl Mannheim and Nikos Maragos and Davide Marano and Paolo Marchegiani and J{\'e}ssica Arab Marcomini and Alexandre Marcowith and M. Mariotti and M Marisaldi and Sera Markoff and Chris Martens and Jean-Andr{\'e} Marti and J. Mart{\'i}n and Lilian Martin and Piringer Martin and Gerard Martinez and Manel Martinez and Oscar Mart́inez and K. Martynyuk-Lototskyy and regrESSEON Marx and Nicola Masetti and Piero Massimino and Apostolos Mastichiadis and Stefano Mastroianni and Michele Mastropietro and Seiya Masuda and H. Matsumoto and Seikichi Matsuoka and Nolan Matthews and Serena Mattiazzo and Georges Maurin and Nigel Maxted and Joaqu{\'i}n Maya and M. Mayer and Daniel Mazin and Mario N Mazziotta and L. Mc Comb and Norman McCubbin and Ian Mchardy and Carlos Medina and Fatma Mehrez and Claudio Melioli and D. Malyutin D. Melkumyan and T. Melse and Sandro Mereghetti and Marcel Merk and Philipp Mertsch and Jean-Luc Meunier and Thomas Meures and Martin Meyer and J. L. Meyrelles and Anthony Micciche and T. Michael and Jacek Michałowski and P. Mientjes and I. Mievre and Athanassios Mihailidis and Js Miller and Teresa Mineo and Massimo Minuti and N. Mirabal and F. Mirabel and Jo{\~a}o M. Miranda and Razmik Mirzoyan and A. Mitchell and Tsunefumi Mizuno and Rafal Moderski and Isaac Mognet and M. Mohammed and Reetanjali Moharana and Lisette Mohrmann and Emilio Molinari and Paul Molyneux and E. Monmarthe and Goulven Monnier and Teresa Montaruli and Cinzia Monte and I. Monteiro and Doug Mooney and Paul Moore and Abelardo Moralejo and Carlo Morello and Elena Moretti and K. Mori and P. Morris and Aldo Morselli and Federica Moscato and Daisuke Motohashi and Fabrice Mottez and Youssef Moudden and {\'E}ric Moulin and Sascha M{\"u}ller and Reshmi Mukherjee and P. Munar and M. Munari and Carter Mundell and Joan Mundet and Hiroshi Muraishi and Kei Murase and Azwinndini Muronga and A. S. Murphy and Nirala Nagar and Shigehiro Nagataki and Tsutomu Nagayoshi and B. K. Nagesh and Takanobu Naito and D. Nakajima and Takeshi Nakamori and Kazuya Nakayama and J. Nanni and D. Naumann and P. Nayman and Lukas Nellen and Rodrigo S. Nemmen and Andrii Neronov and Nadine Neyroud and Thị Như Th{\`u}y Nguyễn and Thanh Nguyen Trung and L. Nicastro and Janusz Nicolau-Kuklinski and Felix Niederwanger and Alan Niedzwiecki and J. Niemiec and D. Nieto and M. Nievas-Rosillo and Andreas Nikolaidis and Marek Nikolajuk and Kyoshi Nishijima and K. Nishikawa and Goro Nishiyama and Kimihito Noda and Ll. Nogu{\'e}s and Sue Nolan and R. Northrop and Dalibor Nosek and M. Nothe and Bohdan Novosyadlyj and Libor No{\vz}ka and François Nunio and L. Oakes and P. T. O'Brien and C. Ocampo and Giovanni Occhipinti and Javier Puig Ochoa and Anna O'Faolain de Bhroithe and R. Oger and Yutaka Ohira and Masatoshi Ohishi and Sven Ohm and Hiroshi Ohoka and Nobuo Okazaki and Azusa Okumura and J.-F. Olive and Dawid Olszowski and Rene A. Ong and Shuhei Ono and Monica Orienti and Reiko Orito and Andrea Orlati and J. P. Osborne and Michał Ostrowski and D. J. Ottaway and N. Otte and S. Ottl and Evgeni Ovcharov and Igor Oya and Andrzej Ozieblo and Michael Padovani and Isabella Pagano and Simona Paiano and A. Paizis and Jose Palacio and Miroslav Palatka and Juan Pallotta and Kosmas Panagiotidis and J.-L. Panazol and David Paneque and Marie Panter and Maria Rosa Panzera and Roberto Paoletti and Maurizio Paolillo and Alexandros Papayannis and G. R. Papyan and Aleksander Paravac and Jos{\'e} Matildo Paredes and Govanni Pareschi and N-H. Park and Dj Parsons and P. G. Pas’ko and S. Pavy and Miroslav Pech and Amelia Peck and Giovanna Pedaletti and Andreas Peer and Susan Margaret Peet and Didier Pelat and Adriano Pepato and Mar{\'i}a del Carmen P{\'e}rez and L. Perri and Matteo Perri and Massimo Persic and Andrii Petrashyk and P.-O. Petrucci and Oleg Petruk and Bernard Peyaud and M. Pfeifer and Gordon Pfeiffer and Giovanni Piano and Damian Pieloth and Erwan Pierre and Filipa Pinho and Cristobal Garcia and Yves Piret and Andrzej Pisarski and Santiago Pita and L. Platos and Roland Platzer and S. Podkladkin and Lilit Pogosyan and Martin Pohl and Patrick Poinsignon and A. Pollo and Alessio Porcelli and J. Porthault and W. Potter and Stefanos Poulios and Juri Poutanen and Elisa Prandini and Julie Prast and Kevin Pressard and Giacomo Principe and F. Profeti and Dmitri V. Prokhorov and Heike Prokoph and Michael Prouza and R. Pruchniewicz and G. Pruteanu and Elisa Pueschel and Gerd Puhlhofer and Ivica Puljak and M. Punch and S. Purckhauer and R. Pyziol and F. Queiroz and Eduardo J. Quel and J. Quinn and Andreas Quirrenbach and Iman Rafighi and Silvia Rain{\`o} and Pawel J. Rajda and Mohammad Rameez and Riccardo Rando and R. C. Rannot and Miroslaw Rataj and Thomy J. de Ravel and Soebur Razzaque and P. Reardon and Isabelle Reichardt and Oliver Reimann and A. Reimer and Olaf Reimer and Andreas Reisenegger and M. Renaud and Sophie Renner and Th. Reposeur and B Reville and Amir Hossein Rezaeian and Wolfgang Rhode and Daniela Ribeiro and Raul Ribeiro Prado and M. Rib'o and Geo Richards and Michael Gerard Richer and Tom Richtler and Javier Rico and Jan Ř{\'i}dk{\'y} and Frank M. Rieger and Maricel Riquelme and Pablo Roberto Ristori and Stephane Rivoire and Vincenzo Rizi and E. Roache and J. Rodriguez and Gonzalo Rodriguez Fernandez and J. J. Rodr'iguez V'azquez and Geoffrey Rojas and Patrizia Romano and Gaston Romeo and Marco Roncadelli and Jaime Rosado and J. Rose and Simon R. Rosen and S. Rosier Lees and D. Ross and G. Rouaix and Julien Rousselle and Adrian C. Rovero and Gavin Rowell and Freeman Roy and S. Royer and Alda Rubini and Bronisław Rudak and Andrea Rugliancich and Wiphu Rujopakarn and Cameron Boyd Rulten and Martin Rupinski and F. Russo and Kelsey Rutkowski and Oscar Saavedra and Silvia Sabatini and Bruno Sacco and Iftach Sadeh and E. O. Saemann and Samar Safi-Harb and Antonio Saggion and Valerie Sahakian and Takaaki Saito and Nobuhiro Sakaki and Suguru Sakurai and Adam Salamon and Mar{\'i}a Soledad Salega and Demba Salek and Francisco Salesa Greus and J. Salgado and Gaetano Salina and L. Salinas and Alberto Salini and D. Sanchez and Miguel Sanchez-conde and Heidi Sandaker and Andr'es Sandoval and P. Sangiorgi and Mich{\`e}le Sanguillon and Hiromasa Sano and Marcos Santander and Andrea Santangelo and Edivaldo Moura Santos and Reinaldo Santos-Lima and Andreu Sanuy and L. Sapozhnikov and Subir Sarkar and Konstancja Satalecka and Y{\^u}ki Sat{\^o} and Renaud Savalle and Mitsuhiro Sawada and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Say{\`e}de and St{\'e}phane Schanne and Thomas Schanz and Enrico Junior Schioppa and Stefan Schlenstedt and Jimmy Schmid and Th. Schmidt and J{\"u}rgen Schmoll and Matthias Schneider and Harm Schoorlemmer and Petr Schov'anek and Alexander Schubert and E.-M. Schullian and Johannes Schultze and A. Schulz and Sylvia Graciela Matizabal Schulz and K. Schure and F. Schussler and T. Schwab and Ullrich Schwanke and J. Schwarz and Thomas Schweizer and S. Schwemmer and U. Schwendicke and Carolin Schwerdt and Eva Sciacca and Salvo Scuderi and Alberto Segreto and J. Seiradakis and Glenn H. Sembroski and D. Semikoz and Olga Sergijenko and N{\'u}ria Serre and Mathieu Servillat and K. Seweryn and Nadeem Shafi and Andreas Shalchi and Mona Sharma and Maxim Shayduk and Ronald C. Shellard and Takeru Shibata and Akane Shigenaka and Idan Shilon and E. Shum and Lara Sidoli and M. Sidz and J. Sieiro and Hubert Siejkowski and Joseph Silk and Aimo Sillanpaa and D. Simone and H. Simpson and Bhupendra B. Singh and A. Sinha and Giorgio Sironi and Julian Sitarek and Patrick Sizun and Vitalii Sliusar and Alister Smith and Dorota Sobczy'nska and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Sol and G. Sottile and M. Sowi'nski and Felix Spanier and Gerrit Spengler and Rossella Spiga and R Stadler and Oscar St{\aa}hl and Antonio Stamerra and Samo Stanivc and Rhaana L. C. Starling and Dariusz Staszak and Lukasz Stawarz and R. Steenkamp and Stanislav {\vS}tef{\'a}nik and Christian Stegmann and Soner Steiner and Carlo Stella and Maurice Stephan and Nikolaos Stergioulas and Ronny Sternberger and Mariusz Sterzel and Bret Stevenson and F. Stinzing and M. Stodulska and Marek Stodulski and Th. Stolarczyk and Giulia Stratta and Ulrich Straumann and Luca Stringhetti and M. Strzys and Remko Stuik and K.-H. Sulanke and Tiina Suomijarvi and Alberto D. Supanitsky and Tihomir Suri{\'c} and Iurii Sushch and Phil Sutcliffe and John M. Sykes and Michał Szanecki and Tomasz Szepieniec and P. Szwarnog and Adriano Tacchini and Kengo Tachihara and Gianpiero Tagliaferri and Hiroyasu Tajima and Hiroe Takahashi and Kazufusa Takahashi and Masaharu Takahashi and L. 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  • List of contributions from the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Consortium presented at the 6th International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (Gamma 2016), July 11-15, 2016, in Heidelberg, Germany.