Contributions of thalamic nuclei to declarative memory functioning.

  title={Contributions of thalamic nuclei to declarative memory functioning.},
  author={Ysbrand D. van der Werf and Jelle Jolles and Menno P Witter and H. B. M. Uylings},
  journal={Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior},
  volume={39 4-5},
In spite of the acknowledged role that the thalamus plays in declarative memory, details about the precise memory processes it is involved in and which are the structures of the thalamus that contribute to these processes remain unknown. An overview is presented of human clinical and animal experimental findings showing the involvement of the thalamus, at the level of white matter tracts and separate nuclei, in aspects of memory functioning. The region in the thalamus that contributes to… CONTINUE READING