Contributions of Norbert Wiener to communication theory

  title={Contributions of Norbert Wiener to communication theory},
  author={William L. Root},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • W. Root
  • Published 1966
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Information theory, communication theory, detection theory are terms now commonly used by engineers who are concerned with radio or telephone communications, electromagnetic and sonic measurements, seismic measurements, and indeed the transformation, storage and transmittal of data from any source by electronic or mechanical devices. They are terms also used by scientists concerned with the function of the human brain and nervous system, the behavior of small groups of people, the interplay… 
Norbert Wiener and the growth of negative feedback in scientific explanation : with a proposed research program of "cybernetic analysis"
Negative feedback has become ubiquitous in science both as a technique and as a conceptual tool. As a technique, negative feedback has a long history; devices based in its use were made in antiquity.
Signal Processing by Model Neural Networks
Several VCON networks motivated by observations by physiologists are presented, which make accessible the study of phase locking, an important physical phenomenon that makes possible stable frequency-encoded information processing even in the presence of noise.


Mathematical analysis of random noise
In this section we use the representations of the noise currents given in section 2.8 to derive some statistical properties of I(t). The first six sections are concerned with the probability
A mathematical theory of communication
In this final installment of the paper we consider the case where the signals or the messages or both are continuously variable, in contrast with the discrete nature assumed until now. To a
Vacuum tube amplifiers
A Mathematical Theory of Communications
Contributions of Norbert Wiener to linear theory and nonlinear theory in engineering in Selected Papers of Norbert Wiener, S.I.A.M
  • 1964