Contribution to the cytogenetics of Kuwaniini scale insects (Homoptera, Coccinea, Margarodidae s.l.)

  title={Contribution to the cytogenetics of Kuwaniini scale insects (Homoptera, Coccinea, Margarodidae s.l.)},
  author={Ilya A Gavrilov-Zimin},
  journal={Comparative Cytogenetics},
  pages={659 - 663}
Abstract Jansenus burgeri Foldi, 1997 (Margarodidae s.l., Xylococcinae, Kuwaniini) was studied cytogenetically for the first time. It was shown that the species reproduces bisexually, displays XX/X(0) sex chromosome system and 2n=6/5 (female/male) including two pairs of long autosomes and a pair of shorter X-chromosomes in female. The chromosome complement, adult female morphology and the life cycle of J. burgeri are illustrated. The cytogenetic data are in fact the first ones for Kuwaniini… 

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