Contribution to study special kinds of hyperideals in ordered semihyperrings

  title={Contribution to study special kinds of hyperideals in ordered semihyperrings},
  author={Saber Omidi and Bijan Davvaz},
  journal={Journal of Taibah University for Science},
  pages={1083 - 1094}
  • S. Omidi, B. Davvaz
  • Published 1 November 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Taibah University for Science
Connections of (m, n)-bi-quasi Hyperideals in Semihyperrings
We introduce the concept of left (resp. right) ( m,n )-bi-quasi hyperideals of semihyperrings as a generalization of n -bi-hyperideals, where m and n are positive integers. Then, we characterize
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The concept of almost interior - hyperideals ( - hyperideals) in ordered - semihypergroups is a generalization of the concept of interior - hyperideals ( - hyperideals). In this study, the
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The Galois connection between ordered semihyperrings are studied in detail and various interesting results are obtained.
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It is shown that every fuzzy ordered quasi-hyperideal is a fuzzy ordered bi- hyperideal, and, in a regular ordered semihyperring, fuzzy ordered Semi-Hyperideal and fuzzy ordered Bi- Hyperideal coincide.
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unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract. We give the concept of an (m,n)-interior ideal of a semiring, and we
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+e concept of almost interior Γ-hyperideals (A − I − Γ-hyperideals) in ordered Γ-semihypergroups is a generalization of the concept of interior Γ-hyperideals (I − Γ-hyperideals). In this study, the


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Abstract In this paper we introduce the notion of k-hyperideals in semihyperrings in the sense of Krasner [11]. Also we discuss on some basic results such as the behavior of k-hyperideals under
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In this paper we study a (semi)hypergroup ( , ) H besides a binary relation ≤ , where ≤ is a partial preorder or a partial order such that satisfies the monotone condition. This structure is called a
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Characterizations of Semihyperrings by Their (∈γ, ∈γ ∨ qδ)-Fuzzy Hyperideals
The notions of hyperregular semihyperrings and left duo semihYperrings are given, and their characterizations in terms of hyperideals and ()-fuzzy hyperideal characterizations are studied.
An ordered semihypergroup is a semihypergroup (S, ◦) together with a partial order ≤ on S such that the monotone condition holds, i.e., for all x, y, a ∈ S, if x ≤ y, then for all u ∈ x ◦ a there
Several statements on quasi-ideals of semirings are given in this paper, where these semirings may have an absorbing element O or not. In Section 2 we characterize regular semirings and regular
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An ordered semiring is a semiring S equipped with a partial ordersuch that the operations are monotonic and constant 0 is the least element of S. In this paper, several notions, for example, ordered