Contribution of CR3, CD11b/CD18 to cytolysis by human NK cells.

  title={Contribution of CR3, CD11b/CD18 to cytolysis by human NK cells.},
  author={Eva Klein and Laura Di Renzo and Eitan Yefenof},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={27 12},
The complement receptor CR3 molecule functions in direct intercellular contacts mediated by its beta chain, CD18. Similarly to the Fc receptor (CD16), CR3 is a marker of human natural killer cells. We have shown that opsonization of NK targets with iC3b leads to their increased lytic sensitivity. Opsonization could be achieved by incubating certain B and T cell lines in human serum. The expression of CR2 was a prerequisite for C3 fragment fixation. The CR2 negative cell line, P3HR1 could be… CONTINUE READING