Contrast in levels of metabolic enzymes in human and mouse ova.

  title={Contrast in levels of metabolic enzymes in human and mouse ova.},
  author={Maggie M-Y Chi and Jill K Manchester and Victor C Yang and A D Curato and Ronald C. Strickler and Oliver H. Lowry},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={39 2},
A methodology is described for analyzing single human ova for 8 or 9 different metabolic enzymes, or 4 or 5 enzymes plus as many metabolites. This overcomes an obstacle to the study of human ovum metabolism: the severe limitation of usable material. Results obtained with this methodology, applied to discarded specimens from an in vitro fertilization program, indicate that in spite of imperfections these ova can provide a valid picture of the metabolic characteristics of normal human ova. Data… CONTINUE READING

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