Contrast harmonic imaging of canine hepatic tumors.

  title={Contrast harmonic imaging of canine hepatic tumors.},
  author={Kenji Kutara and Kazushi Asano and Ayako Kito and Kenji Teshima and Yuka Kato and Yukie Sasaki and Kazuya Edamura and Hisashi Shibuya and Tsuneo Sato and Atsuhiko Hasegawa and Shigeo Tanaka},
  journal={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
  volume={68 5},
Six adult healthy Beagles were used to investigate the hepatic perfusion dynamics of Levovist, a contrast agent used in contrast harmonic imaging (CHI). In addition, 8 dogs with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and 2 dogs with metastatic hepatic hemangiosarcoma (HSA) were used to characterize both the CHI findings with Levovist. In the Beagles, the start of intravenously injected Levovist into the aorta between the cranial mesenteric and renal arteries and the portal vein at the hepatic hilum… CONTINUE READING
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