Contrast-enhanced colour Doppler ultrasonography in suspected breast cancer recurrence.

  title={Contrast-enhanced colour Doppler ultrasonography in suspected breast cancer recurrence.},
  author={J Winehouse and Michael Douek and Klebern fiir Holz and Helmut Madjar and Alice Gillams and W N Lees and Michael Baum},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={86 9},
BACKGROUND Postoperative scarring and radiotherapy changes in the conservatively treated breast often mimic breast cancer recurrence, resulting in many unnecessary biopsies. Local breast cancer recurrence may be detected more accurately with contrast-enhanced colour Doppler imaging. METHODS Fifty-eight women with suspected local breast cancer recurrence were evaluated prospectively by means of conventional and contrast-enhanced colour Doppler imaging before surgical biopsy. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING

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