Contralateral renal abnormalities in multicystic-dysplastic kidney disease.

  title={Contralateral renal abnormalities in multicystic-dysplastic kidney disease.},
  author={Bassam Atiyeh and Douglas Husmann and Marti Baum},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={121 1},
Multicystic-dysplastic kidney (MCDK) disease has been associated with contralateral genitourinary tract abnormalities; however, neither the nature nor the prevalence of the contralateral renal lesion has been delineated. We retrospectively studied patients with MCDK disease to determine the prevalence of contralateral renal abnormalities and of other urologic anomalies. Forty-nine patients, ranging in age from neonates to 6 years, were examined by renal ultrasonography, excretory urography or… CONTINUE READING