Contralateral MRI abnormalities affect seizure and cognitive outcome after hemispherectomy.

  title={Contralateral MRI abnormalities affect seizure and cognitive outcome after hemispherectomy.},
  author={Kim Boshuisen and Monique M J van Schooneveld and Frans S. S. Leijten and Gerard A. P. de Kort and Peter C. van Rijen and Peter H. Gosselaar and Onno van Nieuwenhuizen and K. P. J. Braun},
  volume={75 18},
OBJECTIVE To explore whether EEG and MRI abnormalities in the "healthy" hemisphere influence seizure and cognitive outcome after functional hemispherectomy. METHODS This is a retrospective consecutive cohort study of 43 children who underwent functional hemispherectomy between 1994 and 2008. Results of preoperative EEG recordings were reviewed for the existence of (inter)ictal epileptic or background abnormalities in the contralateral hemisphere. Preoperative MRIs were reexamined for the… CONTINUE READING

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