Contradictory Reasoning Network: An EEG and fMRI Study

  title={Contradictory Reasoning Network: An EEG and fMRI Study},
  author={Camillo Porcaro and M. Teresa Medaglia and Ngoc Jade Thai and Stefano Seri and Pia Rotshtein and Franca Tecchio},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Contradiction is a cornerstone of human rationality, essential for everyday life and communication. We investigated electroencephalographic (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in separate recording sessions during contradictory judgments, using a logical structure based on categorical propositions of the Aristotelian Square of Opposition (ASoO). The use of ASoO propositions, while controlling for potential linguistic or semantic confounds, enabled us to observe the spatial… CONTINUE READING