Contradictions and Complexities

  title={Contradictions and Complexities},
  author={Peter L. Laurence},
  journal={Journal of Architectural Education},
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Abstract When Robert Venturi began writing Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture in 1962, Jane Jacobs's The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961) was the subject of dinner-table conversation across the country. Apart from Jacobs's direct influence, among the parallels that emerged from their Townscape affiliations and other interests, the concept of complexity stands out, with Venturi's conception echoing Jacobs's historic introduction of complexity science into architectural… Expand
Architecture and the four encounters with complexity
Towards a critique of cybernetic urbanism: The smart city and the society of control


Science and complexity.
The Architecture of Complexity
Jacobs, in other words, anticipated by many decades Mark C.Taylor's argument against superficial complexity in The Moment of Complexity
  • As compared to Steven Johnson's Emergence
  • 2001
University of Chicago Press, 2001), p
  • 34. As compared to Steven Johnson’s Emergence
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Random House, 1984) and anomalies and complexity science in Systems of Survival
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Context in Architectural Composition: M.F.A. Thesis,’
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It is notable that Diane Ghirardo similarly observed in Frank Gehry's architecture the expression of Jacobs's ideas
  • Architecture After Modernism
  • 1996
The Moment of Complexity, p. 40. It is notable that Diane Ghirardo similarly observed in Frank Gehry’s architecture the expression of Jacobs’s ideas
  • Compare Ghirardo, Architecture After Modernism (New York: Thames and Hudson,
  • 1996
Swerve, 1997), relevant here for De Landa’s acknowledgment of Jane Jacobs, as well as systems theory scientist Arthur Iberall, in developing his thesis
  • Not mentioned by De Landa is the fact that Iberall himself was greatly influenced by The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Jacobs and Iberall maintained a correspondence from the time Iberall wrote his Toward a General Science of Variable Systems
  • 1972
New Directions in American Architecture (New York: George Braziller, 1969), p. 53.The Copley Square project was not included in Stern’s 40 Under 40 exhibition
  • 1969