Contraction-relaxation coupling: determination of the onset of diastole.

  title={Contraction-relaxation coupling: determination of the onset of diastole.},
  author={Steven B. Solomon and Srdjan D. Nikolic and Robert William Mayo Frater and Edward L. Yellin},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={277 1 Pt 2},
Left ventricular relaxation is dependent on afterload conditions during systole. An abrupt increase in afterload while the ventricle is actively contracting prolongs the duration of systole. An increase in afterload during ventricular relaxation shortens the duration of systole. Therefore, we hypothesized that the point during systole when an abrupt increase in afterload had no effect on the duration of systole represented the onset of ventricular relaxation. To determine when this point occurs… CONTINUE READING
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