Contractile effects of prostanoids on fetal rabbit ductus arteriosus.

  title={Contractile effects of prostanoids on fetal rabbit ductus arteriosus.},
  author={Gill Smith and John C. McGrath},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology},
  volume={25 1},
We wished to determine whether any evidence indicates that the ductus arteriosus has prostanoid receptors coupled to contractile pathways and whether the sensitivity of the ductus to the dilator effect of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) was inhibited by other prostanoids. Rings of ductus arteriosus were isolated from fetal New Zealand White rabbits (28 days of gestation) and mounted in vitro. In the presence of 1 microM indomethacin, the vessel was relaxed with either 300 nM forskolin or 10 nM PGE2… CONTINUE READING


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