Contraceptive implant embolism into the pulmonary artery.

  title={Contraceptive implant embolism into the pulmonary artery.},
  author={Anish S Patel and Dushyant Shetty and Nicholas Paul Hollings and Nicholas Dodds},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={97 4},
36-year-old woman with a subdermal contraceptive Aimplant Implanon (etonogestrel) (Merck Inc, Whitehouse Station, NJ), placed 7 months previously, requested device removal because of unwanted side effects from unopposed progesterone. The device could not be palpated in the arm. Upper arm ultrasonography and roentgenography were unsuccessful in locating the device. After an episode of chest pain, a chest roentgenogram revealed a foreign body projected over the left lower lobe pulmonary artery… CONTINUE READING