Contraception in Russia: attitude, knowledge and practice of doctors.

  title={Contraception in Russia: attitude, knowledge and practice of doctors.},
  author={Adriaan Ph Visser and Larissa I Remennick and N P Bruyniks},
  journal={Planned parenthood in Europe = Planning familial en Europe},
  volume={22 2},
375 physicians from Russia completed a questionnaire at 3 symposia on modern contraceptive and human reproduction. Of these 375 physicians, 98% were obstetrician-gynecologists, 67% has no experience in family planning (FP). 44.5% had no training in FP, 83% were women, and their mean age was 37 years. Most frequently prescribed modern contraceptives were oral contraceptives (OCs) (50% often) and the IUD (59% often). More than 75% of respondent considered OCs, the IUD, and male and female… CONTINUE READING