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Contours of Climate Justice Ideas for shaping new climate and energy politics

  title={Contours of Climate Justice Ideas for shaping new climate and energy politics},
  author={Edgardo Lander and Tadzio Mueller and Kolya Abramsky and Alberto Acosta and Walden Flores Bello and Achim Brunnengr{\"a}ber and Ewa Charkiewicz and Anne Laure Constantin and Gopal Dayaneni and Eduardo Gudynas and Mike Hodson and Enrique Leff},
Negentropy for the anthropocene; Stiegler, Maori and exosomatic memory
Abstract Exosomatic memory is a crucial phase in the evolution of humanity because it enables learning to take place across groups and generations rather than exclusively through lived experience or
Critical climate justice
The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has raised alarm bells globally (IPCC, 2021). While IPCC assessments over several decades have warned how rapidly climate
Drowning in Rising Seas: Navigating Multiple Knowledge Systems and Responding to Climate Change in the Maldives
The threat of global climate change increasingly influences the actions of human society. As world leaders have negotiated adaptation strategies over the past couple of decades, a certain discourse
The Mythical Shapeshifting of Capital and Petrification of Labour: Deepening Conflict on the Agrofuel Frontier
In the great civilisations of the past, shapeshifting promised a restoration of order in turbulent times in return for the deference of loyal subjects. It was a strategy of the powerful to maintain
A Paradoxical Battle for Salvation: Gumilev, Linkola, and Žižek.
We encounter a big dilemma apropos of the urgency to do something about today’s threat of ecological catastrophe: we know that there is an ecological crisis, but we don’t believe it, so we don’t
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  • 2015
Activities of man have disastrously disrupted weather conditions thereby giving rise to global warming and climate change. Careful examination of the present situation reveals that the possibilities
The impacts of militarism on climate change: a sorely neglected relationship : the effects on human rights and how a civil society approach can bring about system change
Militarism, in the form of the Military-Industrial-Media and Entertainment Complex, is possibly the world’s biggest producer of GHG emissions and ecological degradation. Regardless of whether it is
The politics of land and food in cities in the North: Reclaiming urban agriculture and the struggle Solidarisch Landwirtschaften! (SoliLa!) in Austria
To explore these questions we look at a specific urban struggle for access to land and the particular situation of urban agriculture, including the potential for resistance and alliances. The case is
Conservation through Commodification?
During the past decade, we have seen the introduction of market-based mechanisms in biodiversity policy. Biodiversity markets are considered powerful tools to slow down or even stop the ongoing loss