Continuously tunable reflective-type optical delay lines using microring resonators.

  title={Continuously tunable reflective-type optical delay lines using microring resonators.},
  author={Jingya Xie and Linjie Zhou and Zhi Zou and Jinting Wang and Xinwan Li and Jian-ping Chen},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 1},
We present a reflective-type optical delay line using waveguide side-coupled 13 microring resonators terminated with a sagnac loop reflector. Light passes through the microring resonator sequence twice, doubling the delay-bandwidth product. Group delay is tuned by p-i-p type microheaters integrated directly in the microring waveguides. Experiment demonstrates that the delay line can potentially buffer 18 bits and the delay can be continuously tuned for 100 ps with a power tuning efficiency of 0… CONTINUE READING
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