Continuously many quasiisometry classes of 2-generator groups

  title={Continuously many quasiisometry classes of 2-generator groups},
  author={Brian H. Bowditch},
  journal={Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici},
  • B. Bowditch
  • Published 30 June 1998
  • Mathematics
  • Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici
Abstract. We construct continuously many quasiisometry classes of torsion-free 2-generator small cancellation groups.  
Continuously Many Quasi-isometry Classes of Residually Finite Groups
. We study a family of finitely generated residually finite small cancellation groups. These groups are quotients of F 2 depending on a subset S of positive integers. Varying S yields continuously many
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There does not exist a Borel choice of generators for each finitely generated group which has the property that isomorphic groups are assigned isomorphic Cayley graphs.
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It is proved that infinitely presented classical C(6) small cancellation groups are SQ-universal and the result is extended to graphical $Gr_*( 6)$-groups over free products.
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We explore geometric conditions which ensure a given element of a finitely generated group is, or fails to be, generalized loxodromic; as part of this we prove a generalization of Sisto's result that


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Combinatorial Group Theory
Chapter I. Free Groups and Their Subgroups 1. Introduction 2. Nielsen's Method 3. Subgroups of Free Groups 4. Automorphisms of Free Groups 5. Stabilizers in Aut(F) 6. Equations over Groups 7.
Gromov , Asymptotic invariants of infinite groups
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