Continuous versus intermittent extraoral traction: an experimental study.

  title={Continuous versus intermittent extraoral traction: an experimental study.},
  author={Max Brousseau and R G Kubisch},
  journal={American journal of orthodontics},
  volume={71 6},
  • Max Brousseau, R G Kubisch
  • Published in
    American journal of…
  • Medicine
  • E xtraoral traction to the maxilla has proved to be clinically effective in the correction of anteroposterior discrepancies in occlusion. Recently, the effect of such traction on the bones of the craniofacial complex has also been recognized.5y i, 9, I*, 13, l6 In all previous experimental studies, with one exception,16 extraoral traction to the maxillas of monkeys has been achieved with continuously applied force (24 hours per day). However, the intermittent application of ext,raoral traction… CONTINUE READING

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