Continuous-variable QKD over 50 km commercial fiber

  title={Continuous-variable QKD over 50 km commercial fiber},
  author={Yichen Zhang and Zhengyu Li and Ziyang Chen and Christian Weedbrook and Yijia Zhao and Xiangyu Wang and Chunchao Xu and Xiaoxiong Zhang and Zhenya Wang and Mei Li and Xueying Zhang and Ziyong Zheng and Binjie Chu and Xinyu Gao and Nan Meng and Weiwen Cai and Zhen Wang and Gan Wang and Song Yu and Hong Guo},
  journal={Quantum Science and Technology},
The continuous-variable version of quantum key distribution (QKD) offers the advantages (over discrete-variable systems) of higher secret key rates in metropolitan areas, as well as the use of standard telecom components that can operate at room temperature. An important step in the real-world adoption of continuous-variable QKD is the deployment of field tests over commercial fibers. Here we report two different field tests of a continuous-variable QKD system through commercial fiber networks… 

Long-Distance Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution over 202.81 km of Fiber.

This record-breaking implementation of the continuous-variable quantum key distribution doubles the previous distance record and shows the road for long-distance and large-scale secure quantum key Distribution using room-temperature standard telecom components.

Continuous-variable quantum key distribution under strong channel polarization disturbance

In a commercial fiber-based quantum key distribution (QKD) system, the state of polarization (SOP) of the optical fields is inevitably disturbed by random birefringence of the standard single-mode

Digital synchronization for continuous-variable quantum key distribution

This work proposes a digital synchronization procedure for a modern CV-QKD system with locally generated local oscillator for coherent reception that is modulation format independent and paves the way for cost-effective QKD solutions that can adapt rapidly to changing environmental conditions.

Long-distance continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with postselection

A robust scheme for long-distance continuous-variable (CV) measurement-device-independent (MDI) quantum key distribution (QKD) in which post-selection is employed between distant parties communicating through the medium of an untrusted relay to overcome the rate-distance limitations of previously proposed CV MDI protocols.

Experimental continuous-variable quantum key distribution using a thermal source

Due to the avoidance of modulators and QRNG, the passive state encoding scheme provides a promising direction of applicable high-speed, chip-based and even sunlight-based CVQKD with less cost and complexity.

Field trial of a finite-key quantum key distribution system in the Florence metropolitan area

In-field demonstrations in real-world scenarios boost the development of a rising technology towards its integration in existing infrastructures. Although quantum key distribution (QKD) devices are

Field trial of a three-state quantum key distribution scheme in the Florence metropolitan area

A simple, practical and efficient QKD scheme with finite-key analysis, performed over a 21 dB-losses fiber link installed in the metropolitan area of Florence (Italy), and coexistence of quantum and weak classical communication.

Boosting higher secret key rate in quantum key distribution over mature telecom components

The results represent the achieved highest secret key generation rate for quantum key distribution using continuous variables at a standard telecom wavelength, and breaks the isolation between quantum communication and classical optical communication in terms of components, and opens the way to a high-speed and cost-effective formation of metropolitan quantum secure communication networks.

Practical source monitoring for continuous-variable quantum key distribution

By using the practical source monitoring scheme the impact of the RIN can be modeled and monitored in real time to circumvent an overestimated secret key rate and lowers the system complexity thus is suitable for widespread application.

Phase-Matching Continuous-Variable Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution

This work proposes a CV-MDI-QKD protocol by encoding the key information into matched discrete phases of two groups of coherent states, which decreases the required detection efficiency for ideally asymmetric cases, and makes it possible to practically achieve secure key distribution with current low-efficiency homodyne detections.



Coexistence of continuous variable QKD with intense DWDM classical channels

We demonstrate experimentally the feasibility of continuous variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) in dense-wavelength-division multiplexing networks (DWDM), where QKD will typically have to

Field demonstration of a continuous-variable quantum key distribution network.

The applicability and maturity of the CV-QKD network in a metropolitan area is confirmed, thus paving the way for a next-generation global secure communication network.

Field test of a continuous-variable quantum key distribution prototype

A prototype that implements a continuous-variable quantum key distribution protocol based on coherent states and reverse reconciliation, which uses time and polarization multiplexing for optimal transmission and detection of the signal and phase reference, and employs sophisticated error-correction codes for reconciliation.

Quantum key distribution over 25 km with an all-fiber continuous-variable system

We report on the implementation of a reverse-reconciliated coherent-state continuous-variable quantum key distribution system, with which we generated secret keys at a rate of more than 2 kb/s over

Self-referenced continuous-variable quantum key distribution protocol

This work introduces a new continuous-variable quantum key distribution protocol, self-referenced CV-QKD, that eliminates the need for transmission of a high-power local oscillator between the communicating parties and quantifies the expected secret key rates by expressing them in terms of experimental parameters.

Performance of Long-Distance Quantum Key Distribution Over 90-km Optical Links Installed in a Field Environment of Tokyo Metropolitan Area

This paper reports experimental results for a long-term field trial of 1-GHz clock differential phase shift quantum key distribution that was incorporated in the test-bed optical fiber network

Generating the local oscillator "locally" in continuous-variable quantum key distribution based on coherent detection

A pilot-aided feedforward data recovery scheme which enables reliable coherent detection using a "locally" generated LO and the variance of the phase noise introduced by the proposed scheme is measured to be 0.04, which is small enough to enable secure key distribution.

Experimental study on the Gaussian-modulated coherent-state quantum key distribution over standard telecommunication fibers

In this paper, we present a fully fiber-based one-way quantum-key-distribution (QKD) system implementing the Gaussian-modulated coherent-state (GMCS) protocol. The system employs a double

Long-term performance of the SwissQuantum quantum key distribution network in a field environment

In this paper, we report on the performance of the SwissQuantum quantum key distribution (QKD) network. The network was installed in the Geneva metropolitan area and ran for more than one-and-a-half

1.2-GHz Balanced Homodyne Detector for Continuous-Variable Quantum Information Technology

Balanced homodyne detector (BHD) that can measure the field quadratures of coherent states has been widely used in a range of quantum information technologies. Generally, the BHD tends to suffer from