Continuous-variable QKD over 50 km commercial fiber

  title={Continuous-variable QKD over 50 km commercial fiber},
  author={Yichen Zhang and Zhengyu Li and Ziyang Chen and Christian Weedbrook and Yijia Zhao and Xiangyu Wang and Chunchao Xu and Xiaoxiong Zhang and Zhenya Wang and Mei Li and Xueying Zhang and Ziyong Zheng and Binjie Chu and Xinyu Gao and Nan Meng and Weiwen Cai and Zhen Wang and Gan Wang and Song Yu and Hong Guo},
  journal={Quantum Science and Technology},
  • Yichen Zhang, Z. Li, +17 authors Hong Guo
  • Published 14 September 2017
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
  • Quantum Science and Technology
The continuous-variable version of quantum key distribution (QKD) offers the advantages (over discrete-variable systems) of higher secret key rates in metropolitan areas as well as the use of standard telecom components that can operate at room temperature. An important step in the real-world adoption of continuous-variable QKD is the deployment of field tests over commercial fibers. Here we report two different field tests of a continuous-variable QKD system through commercial fiber networks… Expand

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