Continuous martingales and Brownian motion

  title={Continuous martingales and Brownian motion},
  author={Daniel Revuz and Marc Yor},
0. Preliminaries.- I. Introduction.- II. Martingales.- III. Markov Processes.- IV. Stochastic Integration.- V. Representation of Martingales.- VI. Local Times.- VII. Generators and Time Reversal.- VIII. Girsanov's Theorem and First Applications.- IX. Stochastic Differential Equations.- X. Additive Functionals of Brownian Motion.- XI. Bessel Processes and Ray-Knight Theorems.- XII. Excursions.- XIII. Limit Theorems in Distribution.- 1. Gronwall's Lemma.- 2. Distributions.- 3. Convex Functions… 

Stochastic Calculus and Applications (L24)

• Review of Brownian motion. Isonormal process. Wiener’s existence theorem. Sample path properties. • Continuous stochastic calculus. Martingales, local martingales and semi-martingales. Quadratic

Martingale Theory and Itô Stochastic Analysis

In this chapter, we will briefly introduce the martingale theory and Ito’s stochastic analysis. First we introduce some basic concepts of continuous time stochastic processes and the definitions of

Continuous martingales and brownian motion

Continuous martingales and brownian motion by Daniel Revuz and Mark Yor, Springer-Verlag; New York (1991), 533 pp., $98.00, ISBN 0-387-52167-4. Brownian motion and stochastic calculus. Graduate texts


This lecture contains the basics of Stochastic Process Theory. It starts with a quick review of the language of Probability Theory, of random variables, their laws and their convergences, of

The Invariance Principle and Brownian Motion

In this chapter, we bring together several of the key ideas of previous chapters to construct one of the most important objects in all of probability theory, namely ‘Brownian motion’. In order to

A limit theorem for moments in space of the increments of Brownian local time

We proof a limit theorem for moments in space of the increments of Brownian local time. As special cases for the second and third moments, previous results by Chen et al. (Ann. Prob. 38, 2010, no. 1)

Conic martingales from stochastic integrals

In this paper, we introduce the concept of conic martingales. This class refers to stochastic processes that have the martingale property but that evolve within given (possibly time‐dependent)

Contributions to stochastic analysis

The aim of this dissertation is to present some new results on stochastic analysis. It consists on three works that deal with two Gaussian processes: the Brownian motion and the fractional Brownian