Continuous flow analysis: Photometric determination of Cr(III) with chrome Azurol S using microwave treatment

  title={Continuous flow analysis: Photometric determination of Cr(III) with chrome Azurol S using microwave treatment},
  author={Elena I. Morosanova and Mikhail A. Kozlov and N. M. Kuz’min},
  journal={Journal of Analytical Chemistry},
The effect of microwave and ultraviolet radiation and ultrasonic treatment on the reaction of chromium(III) with Chrome Azurol S, Arsenazo I, Alizarin, and Thoron was studied in the batch and flow modes. It was found that the reaction of chromium with the above photometric reagents is most efficiently activated by microwave radiation of the power 500-200 Wt. The best analytical properties were found for Chrome Azurol S. A flow system was proposed for the photometric determination of chromium… Expand

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