Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis in the elderly.

  title={Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis in the elderly.},
  author={Andrew J. Williams and Jon P Nicholl and Abdel Meguid El Nahas and P J Moorhead and Michael Plant and Colin B. Brown},
  journal={The Quarterly journal of medicine},
  volume={74 274},
The clinical course and outcome of 58 patients receiving haemodialysis or continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis aged 65 years and above at the start of dialysis treatment was examined over a six-year period. Method of presentation and mode of treatment did not affect survival, but the presence of ischaemic heart disease or congestive cardiac failure was significantly associated with increased mortality. The actuarial two-year patient survival was 54 per cent. Survival on continuous… CONTINUE READING