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Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions

  title={Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions},
  author={Johan Thim},
In the early nineteenth century, most mathematicians believed that a continuous function has derivative at a significant set of points. A.~M.~Amp\`ere even tried to give a theoretical justificati ... 
Generating Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions
Summary In this note we show how can one associate a continuous and highly nondifferentiable function g to any bounded function f on a compact interval.
A “Bouquet” of Discontinuous Functions for Beginners in Mathematical Analysis
A selection of a few discontinuous functions are presented and some pedagogical advantages of using such functions in order to illustrate some basic concepts of mathematical analysis to beginners are discussed.
Convolution functions that are nowhere differentiable
Abstract In 1951 V. Jarnik constructed two continuous functions whose Volterra convolution is nowhere differentiable. We generalize Jarnikʼs results by proving that the set of such functions is
Linear Spaces of Nowhere Differentiable Functions
This chapter gives some ideas for studying linear structures within the nonlinear set \(\boldsymbol{\mathcal{N}}\boldsymbol{\mathcal{D}}(\mathbb{I})\).
Simple Proofs of Nowhere-Differentiability for Weierstrass’s Function and Cases of Slow Growth
Using a few basics from integration theory, a short proof of nowhere-differentiability of Weierstrass functions is given. Restated in terms of the Fourier transformation, the method consists in
Bolzano-Type Functions II
The goal of this chapter is to prove basic results related to the nowhere differentiability of Bolzano-type functions. Some more advanced properties will be presented in Chap. 10
In calculus courses, students learn the properties of continuous and differentiable functions. One extremely important fact about differentiable functions is that they are continuous. Students are
Boundary values of harmonic gradients and differentiability of Zygmund and Weierstrass functions
We study differentiability properties of Zygmund functions and series of Weierstrass type in higher dimensions. While such functions may be nowhere differentiable, we show that, under appropriate
Lipschitz Restrictions of Continuous Functions and a Simple Construction of Ulam-Zahorski \(C^1\) Interpolation
We present a simple argument that for every continuous function f : R → R its restriction to some perfect set is Lipschitz. We will use this result to provide an elementary proof of the C free
Doubly paradoxical functions of one variable


The prevalence of continuous nowhere differentiable functions
In the space of continuous functions of a real variable, the set of nowhere differentiable functions has long been known to be topologically "generic". In this paper it is shown further that in a
A Nowhere Differentiable Continuous Function
  • L. Wen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Am. Math. Mon.
  • 2000
The purpose of this note is to give a new elementary example that needs only the basic notion of limit and is very accessible and appropriate for a first calculus course.
A continuous, nowhere differentiable function
The examples of continuous, nowhere differentiable functions given in most analysis and topology texts involve the uniform limit of a series of functions in the former and the Baire category theorem
A Nowhere Differentiable Continuous Function Constructed Using Cantor Series
The examples of continuous nowhere differentiable functions given in most analysis texts involve the uniform convergence of a series of functions (see Hobson [1, pp. 401412]). In the last twenty
The set of continuous nowhere differentiable functions
Let C be the space of all real-valued continuous functions defined on the unit interval provided with the uniform norm. In the Scottish Book, Banach raised the question of the descriptive class of
Continuous nowhere-differentiable functions—an application of contraction mappings
then f is also a continuous nowhere-differentiable function. (See [3, p. 115].) The above examples have concise definitions and establish the existence of continuous nowhere-differentiable functions.
Prevalence: an addendum
The authors mention work of Christensen, Mycielski, Tsujii, and others which is closely related to a survey article by the first author [math.FA/9210220].
An Elementary Proof that Schoenberg's Space-Filling Curve Is Nowhere Differentiable
in which the functions f, g are continuous on the interval 1", or by words to that effect. This "conventional wisdom" was shattered in 1890 when G. Peano [1] demonstrated that this definition
A Unified Approach for Nondifferentiable Functions
Abstract Let ψ( x ) denote the distance between x and the nearest integer, and fix 0 a ab > 1, where b is not necessarily an integer. Then for any sequence θ n of phases, the function f ( x ) = ∑ ∞ n
On the Continuity of van der Waerden's Function in the Hölder Sense
It is well known that the number v is transcendental; the proof is complicated. However, there are several elementary proofs that X and v 2 are irrational; see for example [1]. Using a simple trick,