Continuity and discontinuity models of bulimia nervosa: a taxometric investigation.

  title={Continuity and discontinuity models of bulimia nervosa: a taxometric investigation.},
  author={David H. Gleaves and Michael R Lowe and Alison Snow and Bradley Green and Kathleen Murphy-Eberenz},
  journal={Journal of abnormal psychology},
  volume={109 1},
Past research evaluating the continuity and discontinuity models of bulimia has produced inconclusive results. In the current study, we performed a taxometric analysis of bulimia nervosa using means above minus below a sliding cut and maximum covariance analysis with a sample of women diagnosed with bulimia nervosa (n = 201) or women college students (n = 412). Indicators were derived from the Bulimia Test--Revised and the Eating Attitudes Test--26, and both a mixed sample and the nonclinical… CONTINUE READING

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