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Continuity and bi-Lipschitz properties of the Hurwitz and its invariant metrics

  title={Continuity and bi-Lipschitz properties of the Hurwitz and its invariant metrics},
  author={Arstu and Swadesh Kumar Sahoo},
  • Arstu, Swadesh Kumar Sahoo
  • Published 25 September 2021
  • Mathematics
The classical Poincaré’s hyperbolic metric was first introduced in the early nineties. Since then, a family of conformal metrics that are closely related to the hyperbolic metric was introduced by several mathematicians. Just to name a few, they are the Hurwitz metric [13], the Gardiner-Lakic metric [3], the Hahn metric [6], the quasihyperbolic metric [4], and many more. As the hyperbolic metric is valid for only hyperbolic domains of the plane due to its very difficult nature to compute… Expand


Comaparing Poincaré densities
  • Ann. of Math., 154
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