Continued Fractions, Algebraic Numbers and Modular Invariants

  title={Continued Fractions, Algebraic Numbers and Modular Invariants},
  author={R. F. Churchhouse and S. T. E. Muir},
  journal={Ima Journal of Applied Mathematics},
Brillhart discovered in 1965 that the continued fraction of the real root of the cubic equation x3—8x—10 = 0 has a number of very large partial quotients. In this paper we explain why this phenomenon is surprising and then show how its consideration naturally leads one into some very deep branches of the theory of numbers before the reason for the phenomenon becomes clear. In order to make the paper intelligible to non-specialists we give a brief account of the classical theories of continued… 

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Continued fractions for some algebraic numbers.
where <*! = 2 cos — =is a root of x -\x — 2x — l, #2 is a root of x — χ — l, OCB = j/2~+ j/3"is a root of X — 9z — 4# + 27z — 36z — 23. The first numbers were chosen s cubic irrationalities, oc1 s
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