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Contingent employment and organizational outcome: Clear benefits versus latent costs

  title={Contingent employment and organizational outcome: Clear benefits versus latent costs},
  author={Soon-sik Kwon},
This study utilized workplace panel data from the Korea Labor Institute (KLI), including yearly data for 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011, to analyze... 


Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Contingent Workers in Singapore
This study, conducted in Singapore, where there are ongoing labor shortages, supports social exchange theory predictions that contingent workers engage in less organizational citizenship, expect le...
Toward an Organizational Behavior of Contract Laborers: Their Psychological Involvement and Effects on Employee Co-Workers.
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We introduce the construct of organizational social capital and develop a model of its components and consequences. Organizational social capital is defined as a resource reflecting the character of
Rethinking Human Resource Strategies: A Shift in the Treatment of Contingent Workers
Contingent workers fulfill valuable organizational needs and have functioned as knowledge resources for organizations. Despite their contributions, the literature suggests that a difference in
The Utilization of Contingent Work, Knowledge Creation, and Competitive Advantage
Contingent work is an increasingly integral part of the world of work, affecting firms' abilities to accumulate knowledge, create value, and establish competitive advantage. Although its growing use
The choice between internalization and externalization of employment and its impact on firm performance: evidence from five south-eastern European countries
The present study explores the notions of internalization and externalization of employment in five south-eastern European countries, namely Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Slovenia. More
Uncovering and Explaining Variance in the Features and Outcomes of Contingent Work
Existing research tends to depict contingent work either as having similar implications for firms and workers in all settings or as varying in its implications depending only on contingent workers'
Determinants Of Employment Externalization - A Study Of Temporary Workers And Independent Contractors
The authors' names are listed alphabetically; both authors contributed equally to this work. This manuscript was initially submitted to Administrative Science Quarterlys special issue on Process and
Extra-role behaviors among temporary workers: how firms create relational wealth in the United States of America
We examine temporary workers’ differential extra-role behaviors (ERBs) towards their client and employer; if this varied with the motivation of the worker for being temporary, whether these ERBs are