Continental-scale, seasonal movements of a heterothermic migratory tree bat.

  title={Continental-scale, seasonal movements of a heterothermic migratory tree bat.},
  author={Paul M Cryan and Craig A. Stricker and Michael B. Wunder},
  journal={Ecological applications : a publication of the Ecological Society of America},
  volume={24 4},
Long-distance migration evolved independently in bats and unique migration behaviors are likely, but because of their cryptic lifestyles, many details remain unknown. North American hoary bats (Lasiurus cinereus cinereus) roost in trees year-round and probably migrate farther than any other bats, yet we still lack basic information about their migration patterns and wintering locations or strategies. This information is needed to better understand unprecedented fatality of hoary bats at wind… CONTINUE READING
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