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Contextualism : An Approach To Achieve Architectural Identity And Continuity

  title={Contextualism : An Approach To Achieve Architectural Identity And Continuity},
  author={N. Lambe},
Tradition is defined as a legacy of customs and beliefs that passed from one generation to another. In architecture, it is defined as the character that evolved through generations over the period of time with local parameters. The architecture that is suited to local conditions in terms of local skill, materials and technologies in response to the local sociocultural fabric is referred as traditional architecture. The physical environment along with people, art, customs, rituals, beliefs… 
Developing an analytical model for the formation of a design scenario in research-based design processes in architecture
The aim of this study is to develop a model that can be used in research-based design processes and is the result of the experience gained during 5 years of teaching an architectural design.
Analysis of Contemporary Theories When Encountering the Context in Architectural Design
Problem Statement: From the beginning of the history of architecture, unconsciously or consciously, the issue of context has affected the architectural design. With the emergence of modern


Context: New Buildings in Historic Settings
Analysis of the problem definitions of the essential qualities of the historic environment landscape and townscape the public perception influences and pressures organization - politics and the world
The Timeless Way of Building
An apparatus for investigating the course of fast chemical reactions, which are initiated in a liquid chemical system under investigation by an external perturbation, e.g. a steep temperature rise (temperature jump), and an optical system of extremely high aperture which allows a wide variety of types of measurements.
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