Context-specific adaptation of pursuit initiation in humans.

  title={Context-specific adaptation of pursuit initiation in humans.},
  author={Mineo Takagi and Haruki Abe and Shigeru Hasegawa and Tomoaki Usui and Hiruma Hasebe and Atsushi Miki and D. S. Zee},
  journal={Investigative ophthalmology & visual science},
  volume={41 12},
PURPOSE To determine if multiple states for the initiation of pursuit, as assessed by acceleration in the "open-loop" period, can be learned and gated by context. METHODS Four normal subjects were studied. A modified step-ramp paradigm for horizontal pursuit was used to induce adaptation. In an increasing paradigm, target velocity doubled 230 msec after onset; in a decreasing paradigm, it was halved. In the first experiment, vertical eye position (+/-5 degrees ) was used as the context cue… CONTINUE READING