Context rich problems in oral biology teaching.


Problem-based learning (PBL) has now been introduced in at least one of its various taxonomic forms in most dental curricula. We recently developed a novel form of PBL, referred to as Context Rich Problems, which we implemented in the Oral Biology course at the Otago University Dental School. A unique event, the teaching of second and third year students in the same year, allowed us to evaluate CRPs in these two academic years simultaneously. Our findings showed that second year students were not as positive as more mature third year students in accepting the transition from a traditional didactic form of teaching to PBL. Both groups, however, found that CRPs significantly enhanced their learning experience and both groups found that they needed less time spent on preparation than they had expected. In some respects, such as previous exposure to the web and electronic media, non-New Zealanders had had a significantly higher exposure.

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