Context effects in word recognition: evidence for early interactive processing.

  title={Context effects in word recognition: evidence for early interactive processing.},
  author={Sara C. Sereno and Cameron C Brewer and Patrick J. O'Donnell},
  journal={Psychological science},
  volume={14 4},
This study investigated whether a prior context influenced lexical access as indexed by participants' electrophysiological response in the N1 from 132 to 192 ms poststimulus. Ambiguous, high-frequency (HF), and low-frequency (LF) words were presented in neutral and biasing contexts. Event-related potentials (ERPs) for ambiguous words were compared with those for unambiguous HF (word form) and LF (word meaning) control words. Word frequency effects in the N1 extended previous ERP findings. A… CONTINUE READING
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