Context dependent latent inhibition in adult humans.

  title={Context dependent latent inhibition in adult humans.},
  author={Nicola S. Gray and Jennifer Williams and Michelle Castro Fernandez and Roy A. Ruddle and Mark A. Good and Robert J. Snowden},
  journal={The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology. B, Comparative and physiological psychology},
  volume={54 3},
Learning the association between one stimulus (a condition stimulus, CS) and another (unconditioned stimulus, US) can be impaired by prior exposure to the CS alone--latent inhibition (LI). Current theories attempting to elucidate the cognitive deficit in schizophrenia have used the abolition of LI in schizophrenia as an indicator of attentional dysfunction. However, it has always been unclear if human and animal LI are measuring the same psychological processes. It is obviously important to… CONTINUE READING