Context-dependent effects of L domains and ubiquitination on viral budding.

  title={Context-dependent effects of L domains and ubiquitination on viral budding.},
  author={Juan Martin-Serrano and David Perez-Caballero and Paul D Bieniasz},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={78 11},
Many enveloped viruses encode late assembly domains, or L domains, that facilitate virion egress. PTAP-type L domains act by recruiting the ESCRT-I (endosomal sorting complex required for transport I) component Tsg101, and YPXL/LXXLF-type L domains recruit AIP-1/ALIX, both of which are class E vacuolar protein sorting (VPS) factors, normally required for the generation of vesicles within endosomes. The binding cofactors for PPXY-type L domains have not been unambiguously resolved but may… CONTINUE READING


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