Context-aware exception handling in mobile agent systems: the MoCA case


Handling erroneous conditions in context-aware mobile agent systems is challenging due to their intrinsic characteristics: openness, lack of structuring, mobility, asynchrony, and increased unpredictability. Even though several context-aware middleware systems support now the development of mobile agent-based applications, they rarely provide explicit and adequate features for context-aware exception handling. This paper reports our experience in implementing error handling strategies in some prototype context-aware collaborative applications built with the MoCA (Mobile Collaboration Architecture) system. MoCA is a publish-subscribe middleware supporting the development of collaborative mobile applications by incorporating explicit services to empower software agents with context-awareness. We propose a novel context-aware exception handling mechanism and discuss some lessons learned during its integration in the MoCA infrastructure. The discussions include how to use other emerging implementation techniques, such as aspect-oriented programming, to address the limitations of classical publish-subscribe mechanisms identified in our study.

DOI: 10.1145/1138063.1138071

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