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Context Mereology

  title={Context Mereology},
  author={Patrick J. Hayes},
  booktitle={AAAI Spring Symposium: Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning},
  • P. Hayes
  • Published in
    AAAI Spring Symposium…
  • Computer Science
We show that under a small number of assumptions, it is possible to interpret truth in a context as a quantification over truth in 'atomic' or pointlike contexts, which are transparent to all the connectives. We discuss the necessary assumptions and suggest conditions under which they are intuitively reasonable. Introduction This note is inspired by the context logic originally introduced by J. McCarthy (McCarthy 1993) and R. V. Guha, (Guha 1991) and subsequently developed by others. It is… 


Contexts: a formalization and some applications
Traditionally, logical formulas (and other structures) used in representation are supposed to be objective, decontextualized truths. In reality, however, they have many contextual aspects.
The Objective Conception of Context and Its Logic
In this paper, an “objective” conception of contexts based loosely upon situation theory is developed and formalized, and an extended first-order language for this account is developed.
Metamathematics of Contexts
The main results of this paper are the soundness and completeness of this Hilbert style proof system for a general propositional language of context, and it is proved that the logic is decidable.
Notes on Formalizing Context
These notes discuss formalizing contexts as first class objects, proposing a single language with all the desired capabilities to provide AI programs using logic with certain capabilities that human fact representation and human reasoning possess.
Formalizing Context (Expanded Notes)
These notes discuss formalizing contexts as first class objects. The basic relation is Ist(c,p). It asserts that the proposition p is true in the context c. The most important formulas relate the
This purpose of this note is lexicographic rather than theoretical: to tease apart some of the meanings of the word 'context' as it is used in the technical literature. I wil l distinguish four
Moments and points in an interval‐based temporal logic
This paper presents a concise, formal axiomatization of “interval‐based” time as described by Allen and then explores the relationship between interval‐based and point‐based temporal theories in detail.
Computational Context Logic and Species of $ist$
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Contexts in context. In Contexts in Knowledge Representation and Natural Language
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Metamathematics of Context. Fundamentae Informaticae
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