Context-Dependent Requirement for dE2F during Oncogenic Proliferation

  title={Context-Dependent Requirement for dE2F during Oncogenic Proliferation},
  author={Brandon N. Nicolay and Maxim V. Frolov},
  journal={PLoS Genetics},
  pages={739 - 748}
The Hippo pathway negatively regulates the cell number in epithelial tissue. Upon its inactivation, an excess of cells is produced. These additional cells are generated from an increased rate of cell division, followed by inappropriate proliferation of cells that have failed to exit the cell cycle. We analyzed the consequence of inactivation of the entire E2F family of transcription factors in these two settings. In Drosophila, there is a single activator, dE2F1, and a single repressor, dE2F2… CONTINUE READING

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