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Context-Aware Mobile Information Systems: Data Management Issues and Opportunities

  title={Context-Aware Mobile Information Systems: Data Management Issues and Opportunities},
  author={E. Ben{\'i}tez-Guerrero},

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Data Fusion of Physical Variables as Bearing for User Thermal Comfort Analysis in Closed Environments
For this work, a sensor network was implemented to acquire data on environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, light intensity, and noise level, and results showed that the values of environmental variables were close to the thermal zone considered comfortable in summer for users. Expand
Designing a trivial information relaying scheme for assuring safety in mobile cloud computing environment
The experimental analysis depicts that TIRS successfully minimize the overheads during user relaying information over the mobile cloud environment. Expand
Depth-First Reasoning on Trees
This paper proposes a satisfiability algorithm for the mu-calculus extended with converse modalities and interpreted on unranked trees based on a depth-first search and proves the algorithm to be correct (sound and complete) and optimal. Expand
Depth-first search satisfiability of the μ-calculus with converse over trees
This paper proposes a satisfiability algorithm for the μ-calculus with converse interpreted on finite unranked trees based on a depth-first search, and proves the algorithm to be correct and optimal and provides an implementation, which shows significant performance improvement with respect to a known breadth- first search based algorithm. Expand
Método de fusión de datos de fuentes heterogéneas para mantener la consistencia de datos
This paper presents the conceptual design of a data fusion method of heterogeneous sources, obtained from contextual information, with the aim of maintaining the consistency of the data during the fusion process (extraction, pre–processing, fusion, and loading data). Expand
Reasoning on expressive description logics with arithmetic constraints
It is shown that μALCTIO, which is known to be undecidable and that subsumes ALCQIOreg, is inEXPTIME in the case of tree models, and that knowledge base reasoning, TBoxes and ABoxes, can also be decided in EXPTIME. Expand
Towards a Reasoning Model for Context-aware Systems: Modal Logic and the Tree Model Property
This work proposes a reasoning (satisability) algorithm for the multi-modal Km with converse based on the nite tree model property and a Fischer-Ladner construction and provides the corresponding complexity analysis. Expand
Context-Aware Groupware Systems and Video Games: State of the Art
This paper surveys the state of the art of CAGS, and particularly of Context-Aware Collaborative Video Games, in order to identify individual and social context information to be used by the next generation of collaborative systems. Expand
Context-Aware Mobile Collaborative Systems: Conceptual Modeling and Case Study
A novel model for Context-Aware Mobile COllaborative Systems (CAMCOS) and a functional architecture based on that model are proposed and a prototype system in the tourism domain was implemented and evaluated. Expand