Contesting Urban and Rural Space in Desakota Regions of Taiwan—A Case Study of I-Lan County

  title={Contesting Urban and Rural Space in Desakota Regions of Taiwan—A Case Study of I-Lan County},
  author={Caspar Shih and Changkuan Chi},
  journal={Environment and Urbanization Asia},
  pages={120 - 93}
The article focuses on the analysis of the desakotasi (village-city process) in Taiwan’s local context of I-Lan County. Particular attention is paid to the manner in which political conflicts have shaped the urbanization process in I-Lan County over the last 20 years. Those conflict points include primarily the construction of Industrial Zones (IZs) and Taipei-I-Lan super highway promoted by the ruling Kuomintang Party (KMT), which were designed to increase Taiwan’s international… 
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